That little extra, transforms ordinary to extraordinary

Our Goal

to turn the usual coffee/tea drinking into a personal experience. Most coffee drinkers do not remember the taste of their morning coffee. The ritual of drinking coffee has disappeared. A couple of sips, then the rush comes. Everything has been speeded up and simplified. The flavors have also become simpler, thus the experiences are greatly diluted.

We know that time is money, but remember that quality time is priceless. With the products of Gourmet Honey, we bring color to gray mornings/weekdays again.

Our products are not sweeteners! They do not change the character of the drinks, rather they add something “little extra” to the existing taste.

Basically, we strive for harmony. For harmony between the coffee/tea drink and the Gourmet Honey products. According to our experience, if harmony is created in the drink, harmony also appears in the person who consumes it.

That Little Extra

The product perfectly represents the concept of Gourmet Honey, hence its name and the company’s slogan: THAT LITTLE EXTRA, which is the masterpiece of our product development team. What makes THAT LITTLE EXTRA special?

  • Not much, not excessive! It contains just enough ingredients that are absolutely necessary to improve a medium-quality coffee drink without changing its character (recommended dose 3.6 g/espresso).
  • Harmony, balance! The ratio of the ingredients is created in such a way that it goes well with almost any coffee, whether it has a fruity, spicy or even cocoa/chocolate taste.
  • This product is only available to our registered customers, in limited quantities.

Why Us?

reliable procurement

The source of the honey we buy is always known and traceable. We only buy from beekeepers who ensure the gentle keeping of bees and who have a high level of knowledge of honey.

high quality

One of the most important features of Gourmet Honey products is that they are not subjected to an extreme heat treatment process, which is why the premium quality is maintained. In most honey factories, due to easier handling (warm honey is easier, faster and cheaper to work with), honey is regularly heated to a high temperature, thereby changing the composition of the honey’s active ingredients to a large extent, often in the wrong direction.

professional inspection

In all cases, the honey is tested in a specialized and certified laboratory. Among other things, we examine the distribution of sugar content (fructose / glucose / sucrose), the presence of heavy metals (arsenic / mercury / lead / cadmium) and pesticides, the amount of HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural, which increases when honey is heated. We also examine the The proportion of ingredients in 100 g of product and the calorie content We only process extra quality honey.

gentle processing

The processing of honey at a low temperature is ensured by Gourmet Honey’s special creaming process, which is almost unique in Europe. Creaming takes place at a specific temperature and for a certain period of time. Since the mixing rate is very slow, we do not “break” the honey, which also contributes to maintaining the extra quality.

hygienic packaging

Our products are filled into sterilized bottles using a steam disinfection process, thus ensuring the quality defined by food safety regulations.

product path tracking

The entire life cycle of the products we make and distribute can be traced. We know which beekeeper the honey in each jar comes from, when it was creamed, and what and how much plant ingredients were added. Transparency is important to us.

Research and Development

As a result of our several years of research/development, we have created a unique product range, which we created specifically for coffee and tea drinks. We kept in mind that the products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free of added sugar.

They have nearly 70 medicinal and physiological effects. Among other things, they are rich in minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) and vitamins (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, A, E and C), as well as 19 amino acids, proteins , they also contain mineral salts, important enzymes and other bioactive substances.

Unique Experience

Create quality mornings/weekdays with a perfect coffee/tea drink. Discover colorful experiences. Turn the usual everyday into something unique!